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  • Teaching children financial lessons

    To help their children live financially fit lives, parents need to set the tone – and the earlier, the better. Parents are the main influencers when it comes to instilling efficient financial habits in children1, so how can we prepare the younger members of our family to manage their money? State Partnership Manager at ME […]

  • Sponsorships

    At Surf2Summit Mortgage Centre, we love to sponsor local events, local businesses, sporting activities and people. Some of our wonderful sponsorships: Andrew MacNamara Sapphire Aquatic Centre – Little Swim Star Awards Pambula  Motorfest Apple for the teacher – 2EC/Power FM promotion

  • How do architects charge?

    How do Architects Charge? Architects are university trained professionals who can handle all phases of a building project from conception to completion. Residential home builders often shy away from hiring architects because they have heard stories about their high fees. This is often a misconception based on the fees high-profile architects charge for large and complex […]

  • First homebuyer numbers continue to fall

    First homebuyer numbers continue to fall The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) says the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) July 2014 housing finance data shows first homebuyer activity is at a record low. Peter Bushby, president of the REIA, says the softening is becoming entrenched. “The proportion of first home buyers, as part of […]

  • 6 ways to get rid of your mortgage faster

    Six ways to get rid of your mortgage faster A mortgage can seem like a life sentence, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are six painless steps towards taking years off your home loan, and making financial freedom possible much sooner than you had anticipated. 1. Make a budget Eliminating your mortgage quickly requires […]

  • Money Myths

    Money myths you should stop believing There’s never a shortage of myths in circulation; “chewing gum stays in your stomach for years”, “cracking knuckles leads to arthritis”, and “sex burns lots of calories” just to name a few. And you probably believed them because you heard it from your friend who heard it from their […]

  • 10 property tips from reality tv

    10 PROPERY TIPS FROM REALITY TELEVISION: The classics While television series come and go – and come back again in The Block’s case – some property truths are forever. Property Observer takes a look at the tips that have stood the test of time. 1 COMPROMISE, COMPROMISE, COMPROMISE Programs like Relocation Relocation showed that buying […]

  • Snapshot of the housing market

    SNAPSHOT OF THE HOUSING MARKET • The HCI for homeowners generally, and FHBs in particular, fell in the six months to March 2014. • This was driven by an increase in the number of homeowners who experienced mortgage stress over the past 12 months, as well as those expecting stress in the coming year. • […]

  • Market Watch – Houses Sept ’14

          Local Market Watch – databank September 2014.  House Prices stats   Australian Property Investor, September 2014