We are construction loan specialists.  Building your dream home is one of the most exciting things you can do but the finance is a little different to your standard loan.  Let us help you get the right loan.

Construction building loan

We are building construction specialists!

Building loans are a little more complicated than a regular home loan and an experienced broker will be your best ally in the process. Not only are we experienced in the approval process, but we have actually built homes ourselves, and we’re happy to share our experience.

Valuations can be an tricky when you’re building, don’t worry, we have a range of valuers and lenders available to smooth out the process. We’ll also give you tips to improve your valuation.

The common approach to a building loan is a two part process; approval for the land and approval for the build. This is usually driven by the timing of your land settlement and timing for your building contract being ready. At the end we’ll help you review your loan and merge them into one or make any other changes.

We will also explain what you need to allow for throughout the process, like construction interest and builders deposits.

And finally we will help you manage the process of paying the builder.

We cant guarantee nothing will go wrong with your build (something almost always does) but we can help you get the loan right.


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