Refinancing could save you money, while improving your loan features and unlocking potential equity in your home. There’s no point paying more interest than you have to.  Call us today on 0438 092 055

Refinancing made easy

Have our one of our experienced specialists compare your current home loan to our range of products from over 23 different lenders.  You may be eligible to consolidate all those other debts onto your home loan.   It makes sense to review your loan every one to two years. A better loan doesn’t always mean a refinance. We can start by renegotiating with your current lender on your behalf.

Surf2Summit Mortgage Centre can help you by:

  • Working out what type of loan will suit your circumstances
  • Finding loans that match your needs
  • Managing application forms and deadlines including approvals and settlement
  • Review your loan against current products in the market to ensure you’re getting the  most appropriate deal. Your bank manager won’t do that!

We are available Monday to Friday and Saturday by appointment to help you find an unbeatable deal.  By answering a few simple questions we can match you to the product suited to your needs. Come and see the S2S difference today.

Whether you end up with a more competitive interest rate or you change your mortgage to suit new plans, consider a review on your home loan like a service on your car – a great way to ensure you’re getting the most appropriate performance possible.


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We compare loans from our panel of over 23 lenders to find the one with the right fit just for you. Contact us now for a pre-approval >>